NaNoWriMo 2018 Day 23: I hope you had a nice holiday

I did write about 244 words yesterday, according to Atomic Scribbler, and 61 today. Mostly tweaking. I went back and read a couple of scenes and found one particular conversation I just hated. Fixed it.

To be honest, my hands are killing me. I have a little bit of dyspraxia (yes, like Ryan on Doctor Who) and it hurts me to write for a long time. I have to push to control my hands after a while. They get stiff and don’t want to do what I say. 

I don’t have speech problems, but I do bump into things, drop things (a lot), and my handwriting is atrocious. It takes me foreeeeeever to learn choreography. When I skated, I always tried to get my programs done as far in advance of a rink ice show as possible. Learning to knit has been a challenge (but I’m determined to do it), and the other morning, while making my coffee, I flipped sugar every damn where. Just flipped it. With the spoon. 

Speaking of flipping, apropos of nothing, please enjoy this magnificent Attack on Titan gif I just found. 

Hidden disabilities can be a pain in the arse. I’m lucky, though. I can walk, talk, think, exercise, and do lots of other things that some people can’t.  

And I can write. So let me rest my hands tonight and I’ll be back on it tomorrow. 

NaNoWriMo 2018 Day 21: 4,356 to Go!

Assuming Atomic Scribbler’s word count is accurate, I think I can afford to take Thanksgiving off, but you know what? I don’t think I want to. 

The book is hitting its stride now. I’m still on track with the outline, but it’s taking on a life of its own. In just a couple of days, I’ll hit the NaNoWriMo word count, though I probably have another 25–30K left to go before I officially finish. 

I was saving a bottle of prosecco for when I got a job, but since that does not look likely before the end of the month at least, I might just see if anyone wants to join me and crack it open when I finish. 

Since I’ve finished for the day before midnight and I have an early start tomorrow, I shall do a little online visiting and then go to bed.

Sleep well and if you’re traveling tomorrow, please be careful. 

Happy Thanksgiving!

NaNoWriMo 2018 Day 20: We’re in the End Game Now

Total: 3,023.
Chapter: 2,843.

Word count for November 21, since I ran over midnight: 411.

Every count in this program is off. I really think it’s screwed up somehow. 


The date on this post is going to be wrong, dammit.

I had to go back and tweak a little; I forgot to include something important in another scene. Then everyone and their dog needed to message me.

Then I had to pause and make chicken potstickers and furikake rice for dinner and the entire house smells like sesame oil now.

Then I had to look up a thing online. And ask questions on Facebook. Because my character is doing the thing but I have never done the thing.

Yes, this is what writing is like sometimes.

Now it’s time to wind down before bed with an ASMR video. Nightly night, lovelies. Sleep well.

The Endless River: Pink Floyd (world’s greatest band!)
Blade Runner 2049 again (I love this Hans Zimmer score)
Latana original score: Paul Kelly (I have never seen this Australian drama)
Various playlists I really need to transfer to my phone somehow because my computer is getting old
Michael Convertino’s poignant score for the film We Don’t Live Here Anymore

NaNoWriMo 2018 Day 19: Another Day, Another Word Count

It’s dropped to less than a thousand words!

Today, Atomic Scribbler’s word counter says my total is 4,191. I pulled some of that from a document called Bits, which contained snippets of scenes I wrote but wasn’t ready to use yet. I also did a little tweaking. 

If you’re having trouble getting started, spend your first few minutes reading over what you wrote last time. A little editing is okay, but resist the urge to rework the scene in depth. 

It’s 10:30 and I’m starving; worked through dinner again. I really need to get up earlier and hit the laptop after breakfast instead of waiting until the end of the damn day. 

In honor of the late, great Stan Lee, I’ll leave you with my all-time favorite of his MCU cameos, from Captain America: Civil War.

Breaking and Entering: Gabriel Yared and Underworld and
Brendan et Le Secret de Kells: Bruno Coulais

NaNoWriMo 2018 Day 17: Happy Saturday

Hmm, I’m starting to get nervous about hitting the NaNoWriMo target. But I guess it really doesn’t matter, as long as I keep working until the book is done. 

I’ve been writing in sequence, which is unusual for me. Most of the time, I jump around and then smash all the scenes and chapters I’ve written together and smooth them out in editing. 

Tonight, I went off piste a little and got into some of the technical aspects of the situation. I’m trying to work an explanation of quantum mechanics in here without actually understanding it. Whee! 

I feel you, Alice. I really do. 

Oh well. I shall quote instead the mantra of the first draft: “I can fix it later.” 

It’s been a busy day and I’m tired, so I’ll leave you with this hilarious Christmas tutorial. 

NaNoWriMo 2018 Day 16: OMG WUT


My internet bill had a huge overage, and so I called my ISP.  The billing person put me on another tier because we could not figure out how I used 80 GB in one day (I DID NOT), and she sent me to tech support. 

Where they asked for VERY personal information they had never requested before and wouldn’t connect me to a supervisor.

So, by the time someone from Customer Care called me back, it was already well into my writing time. He suggested I change the info on my router  (a wise precaution, in case someone had hacked into my wireless because I DID NOT USE 80 GB OF DATA IN ONE DAY).  Now I can’t get back on the router settings website, so I’m hardwired into my modem.  

You might think that’s no big deal — “Hey, you’re online, right?” Well yeah, Gilligan, but I can’t use wireless on any of my other devices because there isn’t any. 

I’ll try again tomorrow after my dharma group meditation. The cable company is sending me a modem with router built in, so if I can’t get it to work, then I’ll just use theirs. Or maybe I’ll just use theirs and save this one for (when) I move far, far away from here. 

More writing tomorrow.  I might even share something. Don’t want to spoil, though. Something might actually go right and you might get to read Book 1. 

The sound of my tears. 

NaNoWriMo 2018 Day 15: BLARGH

Holy catfish fillets, I wrote 4,213 words today. 

This Atomic Scribbler word counter is annoying the shit out of me. It says today’s total was only 3,656, but I copied and pasted the new document page into Word and its word counter says 4,213.  The page word counter says 4,214. 

NaNoWriMo’s average daily word count to hit 50K is 1,700 words a day, starting from 0. That sounds like a lot, which can be intimidating for some folks.

I started with 15K, so my daily target was lower.  You’ll notice in the graphics that when I write more, it goes down, and when I write less, it goes up. 

Either way, I’m well over halfway to the November goal, though I’m beginning to doubt I’ll actually finish the book this month. 

So. You’re doubting yourself. You think you’re screwing up. I know just what you need. 

I need Cap to come tell me that in person; that’s what I need. Heh heh. 

I also took a walk today for the first time in weeks. My toe is killing me. But I shuffled through some leaves, which was fun, and the sun was shining, which was nice after days of gloom. My sleep patterns have been way off. I hope that helps me conk out a little earlier tonight.

It’s late and I worked through dinner, so I’ll see you tomorrow. 

Vault Archives, Mark Morgan’s music from Fallout 1 & 2; Blade Runner 2049 with no vocals; a little Einaudi 

NaNoWriMo 2018 Day 14: Harry Potter and the Amazingly Shitty Day

Thank the universe I’m still on track; I only managed around 710 words today. I’m not sure I trust this counter, either. Feels like it should be more. Oh well. 

Started the day by forgetting to set the alarm and oversleeping. The neighbor’s carer has been bringing her dogs to work, but they didn’t bark like apocalyptic car alarms this morning, thus letting me stay in bed far longer than I wanted to. How dare they.

Then, a job rejection. After which I went on Twitter, which actually made me feel worse, because stupid people, oh my damn. 

I wanted to take a walk because I haven’t done it for days, but it started to drizzle. I have cold weather gear but no wet gear so that killed that. 

Sat down to write and mentally felt like this little constipated cloud from the Rocko’s Modern Life Christmas special. 

Image: Nickelodeon / Christmas Special Reviews

Now there’s a mysterious pain in my back and I might be getting a migraine, yay. I already gave my protagonist one; it’s only fitting. 

Still, I got some writing done. It’s frustrating when it doesn’t just slide smoothly out of your head onto the page, but that’s the nature of this beast. Sometimes it bounds out happily to meet you and sometimes you have to drag it along. 

What a good bad boi. <3

If you’d like to help victims of the California wildfires, this Slate article has some advice on donating, including links. 

NaNoWriMo 2018 Day 13: Not Today, Satan

Job hunting stuff this morning. I took a break tonight to watch Outlaw King, the Netflix original historical film about Robert the Bruce. 

Image: Netflix / TIFF / The Hollywood Reporter 

The film stars Chris Pine, of Star Trek fame. But the reason everyone’s been talking about it is that Pine appears completely nude in it. Yep, full-frontal. Granted, it’s brief, but it’s definitely there. 

The reason the Pine Peen is important is a basic one; for decades, women have bared it all in films, but we rarely see the men do it. Ben Affleck did it in Gone Girl (and apparently Neil Patrick Harris did too; I haven’t seen the movie).  28 Days Later opens with a naked Cillian Murphy in the hospital. And who could forget Dr. Manhattan’s blue dick flapping around in Watchmen

That last one was digital, but hey, we’ll take what we can get. 

The film was watchable; it started out a little dry, but it got more interesting as it went along. If you’re a fan of medieval battle scenes, you’ll like it.  I admit interest in seeing the dong scene (hey, I’m human!) but I probably would have watched it anyway. I like Pine and I like period films. I think it could have been a little more emotional. It didn’t have the depth of Braveheart, but they did an okay job.

Anyway, I’m glad to see the men getting on this bandwagon. Why should women be the only ones? As Lea Palmieri points out in this Decider article, nobody gets excited about topless scenes because they’re just too common. It’s time for the men to join in. 

Book 2 is going as well as I can expect for a first draft. I’m working off an outline, but the best times are when characters do whatever they want to do, and stuff happens that didn’t occur to me. I haven’t written a whole chapter in one sitting, like I did yesterday, for a long time. Felt good. 

Tunerville is urban fantasy, and while some characters did step out of their familiar world, they didn’t go as far as you’d expect. This time is different. I’ve got some multiverse stuff going here, and it’s tough. You really do have to make up EVERYTHING. Worldbuilding is hard. But it’s fun. 

Back to it tomorrow.