How YOU Doin’? and Tunerville update

Ugh, winter.  Ugh, Christmas.  Bah, humbug.

 Here’s hoping you are all well and enjoying your holiday preparations.  Perhaps Santa will bring me something cuddly this year.  And I’m not talking about a puppy. 

This would work.

This would work.

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 So I’ve hauled myself out of my deep funk long enough to re-order Tunerville.  This involved moving some chapters around, adding some material I’m not sure is relevant, adding other material that I think I need, and removing some that I’m sorry to see go.  Since I tend to skip around, this activity has helped bring some cohesion to the book. 

 The next step will be to rewrite the long synopsis and see if it makes more sense.  Then, the task list looks something like this:


  • Do the research I still have to do (involves contacting outside parties, which might have to wait until after the holidays)
  • Make changes per research if necessary
  • Clean up all the little inconsistencies I made notes about
  • Print the manuscript and copy edit it
  • Go back to the digital copy and fix all the mistakes I found in the copy edit
  • Try to do all this while starting two new tech writing classes that will probably both have client projects


  • Rewrite stuff I’m not happy with, or that I only gave a lick and a promise to (shouldn’t be much)
  • Reprint after rewrite; do another copy edit
  • Submit to first readers (who will critique)
  • Revise per readers’ recommendations
  • Reprint; copy edit #3
  • Start looking for agents / publishers to query (I kinda already did)
  • Begin crafting preliminary queries as polishing continues (as the manuscript changes, so will the queries, so final versions should wait until I’m practically done)
  • Lose a weekend attending the local nerd con (hush;  Ernie Hudson is coming and I’m not missing that)


  • Submit to second readers (those who don’t critique but only give a general impression)
  • Revise per second readers
  • Print and copy edit yet again
  • Finish one- and two-page synopses
  • Start querying  (probably around April, if readers finish and I’m not bogged down with schoolwork)

 Do all this while working full-time. 


 I hope Santa sees this list and realizes that I am a unique and wonderful person who can certainly accomplish all these tasks and still make quality time for that cuddly present that isn’t a puppy. 

Again, this would be fine.

Again, this would be fine.

Image:  imagerymajestic/

 Hope you all have a good Christmas.