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A little quiet time on your lunch break. That seemingly endless wait at the airport. The long stretch of boredom before your doctor finally bustles in to see you (they never have any good magazines, do they?). All good times to indulge in a short story or two.

For your reading pleasure, I bring you The Shiny Folk and other stories, a short collection of speculative fiction.

You’ll find tales of a farmer’s unexpected encounter with the fair folk, an enduring relationship across time and space, a shuddering realization of what can happen if you don’t read the terms and conditions, and more. Included are three never-before-published stories along with three that have appeared on this blog or elsewhere.

The e-book is available for $0.99 in PDF format. Kindle devices, the Kindle app, and iBooks all support PDF files. Get it now by clicking the button below.

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