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I’ve created a new website for my imprint, Boomkaart Books TM. Click on the logo below each book or go to the Books page at The Tunerville link at Boomkaart will direct you to Amazon, and the one for The Shiny Folk will send you to PayPal and then back to the page where you can download your book.

If you’ve ever wondered what would happen if you could meet a ghost, talk to it, or even touch it, this book is for you!

Paranormal investigator Chris Taylor really wants to see a ghost. So he invents a remote control that tunes them back into the physical world, only to see his gadget disrupt both earthly and unearthly society. The tuner’s effect on humanity threatens the dimension that houses the afterlife, known as the Realm. Its Directorate sends an emissary, Callahan, to oversee a solution: Chris must persuade people to stop using his invention.

The living don’t want to give up the tuners — and neither do the dead. Chris enlists help from his friends, Callahan, and a groovy Seventies ghost and begins a clumsy romance with activist Hannah Lively. But when a scientist bent on glory tweaks the tuner in a dangerous experiment, they’re forced to devise a perilous plan to stop her.

What follows takes Chris on a journey he never imagined, one that could ultimately cost him everything!

Get Tunerville on Amazon in both Kindle and paperback formats!


My collection, The Shiny Folk and other stories, is available now from Boomkaart Books TM with a new cover and new formatting. 

A little quiet time on your lunch break. That seemingly endless wait at the airport. The long stretch of boredom before your doctor finally bustles in to see you (they never have any good magazines, do they?). All good times to indulge in a short story or two.

For your reading pleasure, I bring you The Shiny Folk and other stories, a short collection of speculative fiction.

You’ll find tales of a farmer’s unexpected encounter with the fair folk, an enduring relationship across time and space, a shuddering realization of what can happen if you don’t read the terms and conditions, and more. Included are three never-before-published stories along with three that have appeared on this blog or elsewhere.

The ebook is available from Boomkaart Books for $0.99 in PDF format.

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