The Royal Mail Steamship (RMS) Titanic.

The Royal Mail Steamship (RMS) Titanic.

It’s Titanic Day again….But I’m not going to do what I did last year.  I’ll just light the candle (and maybe handle my piece of coal).  Last year, I took one out of the sealed plastic (!!!) and held it for a while and thought of those lost.


See the coal at the top of the place setting in the photo below; this was last year, when I made myself dinner using authentic recipes from the cookbook on the left.  And yes, my kitchen counter really is that ugly.


Gotta love that 1952 Formica....

Gotta love that 1952 Formica….

Photograph by Elizabeth West

If I ever finish my 7,351,630-piece plastic model of the ship, I will post a picture of it.  And there have always been plans to make a miniature room box.  Just haven’t gotten around to it yet.  A first class stateroom and a third class one would be fun to do.

If they really do build Titanic II, I will sail on the thing.  I’m saving my pennies.  Probably won’t get to go on the maiden voyage, but that’s okay.  Unless I start dating a celebrity or some gazillionaire, which isn’t likely.

Thinking about Titanic got me thinking about legacies.  As writers, we hope to leave something behind, preferably a piece that will inspire, or at the very least, entertain.  If J.K. Rowling died tomorrow (no no no no no no no!), she would leave behind a series beloved the world over.

I would love to write something that people enjoyed as much as I enjoyed the Harry Potter books.  It wouldn’t have to be that level of fandom, but if everyone who read my books told me they really liked them, that would make me very happy.

And some money.  Yes, please give me money for them.  It’s hard work.

Remember, if you reproduce this image and use it for legal tender, the Secret Service will bust your ass. And I will laugh mine right off.. 

Image:  Wikimedia Commons

As I commented on a blog post linked below, Titanic‘s legacy was the changes in maritime law the ship’s sinking brought about.  The deaths of those 1500 people were not in vain.  I assume the people driving the new one will be laboring under the reputation of their ship’s predecessor, and will be very, very, very careful.