Proof of Life!

I’m here! I’m alive!


I began my new job on March 13. It’s been a bit of a rough start:

  • My training has been pushed back for reasons (nothing to do with me).
  • The commute, which normally would be 30 minutes, is 45-50 because of construction (I’m mostly working from home now).
  • Parking (safely) is more expensive than I expected.
  • Friday of my first week, I tripped on the curb going to the parking garage, fell, and gave myself a third-degree friction burn on my knee from the inside of my jeans. At least they didn’t rip. I’m fairly sure no one saw (I hope, lol).
Man tripping on a beach with a sword flying out in front of him.
Like this, but with no beach and no sword.

Image by Harmony Lawrence from Pixabay

Currently, I’m in the St. Louis office, but at the end of next month, I’m moving to Boston. I have an apartment secured and a moving pod scheduled. Now the list looks like this:

  • Empty out all my belongings from the storage place BY MYSELF
  • Cram them into the pod at the house BY MYSELF
  • Drive 1200 miles to my new place
  • Unload the pod up two flights of stairs (outside) BY MYSELF (Edit: I do have two guys for two hours on the other end; I hope it’s enough.)

All of this while also at work 40 hours a week. No, I did not receive any relocation assistance (it’s entry-level). The short timeline means that it’s going to be tough financially. If you would like to help, you can donate here.

No, I will not be driving to work in Boston. Unlike St. Louis, that is unnecessary; I can catch a bus across the street from my apartment to a train station, from which I will alight around the corner from my office. It takes about an hour but I can also work from home.

With trains and buses, you don’t have to worry about parking and you can sit and read (except at rush hour). The only time I ever get to ride public transport is when I go to the UK. I know it’s not perfect and MBTA is not TfL, but it’s so much easier (and cheaper, and better for the environment) than driving everywhere.

A colonial-era building of red brick with a white cupola sits nestled among skyscrapers. In the foreground is a glass building with a patio table in front of it.
This is Faneuil Hall Marketplace downtown; it’s very close to my office.

Image by David Mark from Pixabay


In my head, things are happening. On paper, not so much. I’m trying to get this move over with ASAP so I can concentrate on writing. Once both my butt and my things are in place, a personal version of NaNoWriMo can commence.

Essdran will just be in the text with a glossary at the end as it was in Confluence, though the list of words and phrases will be longer since we’re actually in Ilarrya. There’s a map here along with a lost chapter from Tunerville you can download for free. I know how the book will end.

There may be a set or some kind of discount for all three books; I’m not sure yet. I would like to offer a box set of paperbacks. IngramSpark transfer and distribution did not happen yet but it will.

There’s one more thing I want to do when Book 3 is finished: to have a table at a con. I don’t know which one, probably something local and probably not until 2024. The first Tremendicon in Springfield was a blast—I would love it to be that one, but due to catching up moneywise, it might end up being something within driving distance. If anyone has any suggestions for small sci-fi/fantasy cons in New England, feel free to drop them in the comments.

Now I’m off to start moving boxes (ugh).

Pic of a crappy car overloaded with boxes and the caption "That oughta do it. We don't need no stinkin U-Haul. We got this."