I’m culling bits from my book as I edit.  It’s like picking my knee scab (sorry, I’m trying really hard not to do that!)—painful, but necessary.

Well, the scab thing, not so much.

At the beginning of the edit, only little things come out.  A sentence here, a word there.  Small changes.

In time, new scenes may replace old ones.  I’ve already done that with a pivotal scene, one that sets the the climax into motion.  That one had to be completely rewritten.

Stuff may get moved around.  As that happens, I’ll insert this, and cut that.  Think of it like making a big jigsaw puzzle:  chapters and scenes are the pieces.  Or a game of Tetris.  Only with words.

Someone in chat just said “Ooo, editing a book sounds like fun!”



Image:  Arvind Balaraman /

Well, I lie; I like it.  If I didn’t, I wouldn’t have taken a job where I edit all day.  However, some days, when I’m very tired like today, even doing Tunerville isn’t a barrel of laughs.

Rose’s Hostage had several protagonists; this book only has one main one.  There are only a couple of other viewpoints, and they either illustrate something, or get you closer to the villain, into whose head I have chosen not to dive this time.

I’m not sure how I like that most of the book is from Chris’s perspective.  I’m sure it will be shorter that way.  Working with the hostage, the bank robber, the detective, and the serial killer (that sounded like a bizarre version of The Breakfast Club, didn’t it?) added so much material to my last book that culling is still going on.

Okay, which one is the serial killer?

Okay, which one is the serial killer?


13 thoughts on “Culling

  1. Stop picking your scab, it will never heal, lol. Can you tell I’m a MOM? But, it’s right up there with peeling after a sunburn isn’t it? Good luck with the book. Loved that movie by the way…The Breakfast Club.

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