Daily Dabbling

A2Z-2013-BANNER-900_zps1a85732aTaking you through my edit probably wasn’t the best idea for this year’s A-Z Challenge; I didn’t even get to edit today!

Well I did, actually.  But it was work stuff—not nearly as interesting.   So without actually telling you what the book is about (yet), I’m going to talk about daily work.

So how does a person write and edit a book, anyway?  It’s like that old elephant thing:  how do you eat an elephant?  One bite at a time.

“I hate that stupid saying. Don’t eat me.”

Image:  nickandmel2006 / via Wikimedia Commons

Angry elephant aside, there’s only one way to finish a book.   And that’s to sit your ass down and do it, one word at a time.  Every day, if you can.

Why write daily?  If you’re planning on doing this for a living (good luck with that one, by the way), it’s like any other job.  Your boss may schedule you for a set number of hours each week.  The same goes for your writing.  If you sit down at a prescribed time each day, before you know it, those words will be out of your head and on the paper.

Because I work at a job, I like to use my lunch hour to write and edit.  I get my file open and ready to go, clock out, and go make my food.  Then I come back and get right to it.  If I do any work at night, it’s the same drill.  Weekends get a more varied schedule.  For example, I might work after I come back from skating on Saturdays (and sometimes Sundays), or wait until afternoon if I have errands.

The point isn’t to get as many hours in as you would at work.  It’s just to pick a time, and write.  Like any habit or routine, the more you do it, the easier it gets.  After a while, you won’t have to make yourself sit down; you’ll just find yourself there.

It's like working out, which I know we all love—don't we?

It’s like working out, which I know we all love—don’t we?

Image:  imagerymajestic / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Now I’m going to spend a couple of hours on my homework, and then I’ll do more editing.  See you tomorrow.  In the meantime, please enjoy this compiliation of Maru, the internet’s cutest kitty, in various sleepytime poses!


12 thoughts on “Daily Dabbling

  1. I’m editing at the moment, it is difficult trying to do the work job, write my A to Z posts, visit A to Z bloggers and edit. A challenge in itself. Good look with juggling everything and enjoy the rest of the A to Z Challenge. :)

  2. I started blogging and doing hops just to keep me in the daily habit of writing. I don’t mind editing. I don’t lose my train of thought so much if I’m interrupted anyway.

    • Some first drafts are easier than others. This one sucked. Man, I wish they could all go like the last one did. I don’t know if the hard ones or the easy ones turn out any better–I guess it’s all in the editing. :)

  3. Writing daily is a good plan for anyone who wants to be a writer. I’m so glad I discovered blogging to help me get into a disciplined writing schedule.

    A Faraway View
    An A to Z Co-host blog

    • Arlee, blogging is a PERFECT way to get into a writing habit. Unfortunately, I don’t blog as much as I should. Many times I just have nothing to say. And no one cares about my stupid life.

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