NaNoWriMo 2018 Day 15: BLARGH

Holy catfish fillets, I wrote 4,213 words today. 

This Atomic Scribbler word counter is annoying the shit out of me. It says today’s total was only 3,656, but I copied and pasted the new document page into Word and its word counter says 4,213.  The page word counter says 4,214. 

NaNoWriMo’s average daily word count to hit 50K is 1,700 words a day, starting from 0. That sounds like a lot, which can be intimidating for some folks.

I started with 15K, so my daily target was lower.  You’ll notice in the graphics that when I write more, it goes down, and when I write less, it goes up. 

Either way, I’m well over halfway to the November goal, though I’m beginning to doubt I’ll actually finish the book this month. 

So. You’re doubting yourself. You think you’re screwing up. I know just what you need. 

I need Cap to come tell me that in person; that’s what I need. Heh heh. 

I also took a walk today for the first time in weeks. My toe is killing me. But I shuffled through some leaves, which was fun, and the sun was shining, which was nice after days of gloom. My sleep patterns have been way off. I hope that helps me conk out a little earlier tonight.

It’s late and I worked through dinner, so I’ll see you tomorrow. 

Vault Archives, Mark Morgan’s music from Fallout 1 & 2; Blade Runner 2049 with no vocals; a little Einaudi 

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