NaNoWriMo 2018 Day 8: Peaceful Protests

Word count: 0. 

Too tired to write tonight. Today we marched. In the rain, then snow. 

I have made the greatest protest sign in the history of protest signs. I’m extremely proud of it. I’m gonna hang on to it because I might need it again before it’s over. Honestly, stick-on letters are the best. It would not have looked this good if I’d had to hand-letter it.

My friend in Germany knitted me a Yoda hat (with ears) for my birthday, so I wore my hat and carried my sign. It was cold and wet, but democracy is worth it.

Nerdy it is, yesss, hmm.

Tomorrow is Friday; I have nothing planned, so writing it is. If the neighbor’s carer’s dogs won’t stop barking, I’ll just go to the library. There’s always a way. 

See you then. 

2 thoughts on “NaNoWriMo 2018 Day 8: Peaceful Protests

    • We were just talking about that last night. People do what they can do. Some folks can’t march or volunteer, so they write voter postcards, phone bank, share information, etc. I do a lot of information sharing and march and donate when I can. Every little bit helps!

      I never protested before all this. The first one I ever went to was last year, when the Annoying Orange came here. I actually enjoyed it. It felt good to participate in raising awareness that not everyone in this deep red city is fooled by him.

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