Vocabulary – V is for, well, Vocabulary!

Today’s vocabulary letter is V!  V is for vapid, vegan, and Voldemort.  Whoops, I shouldn’t have said that last one—someone’s knocking at the door.

Looks like he’s busy--I’m safe for now.

Looks like he’s busy–I’m safe for now.

Image:  potterforums.com

Let’s begin!

Vagary – unpredictable, wild, erratic action or quality.

Vacillate – go back and forth, as with a decision.

The Doctor vacillated on whether to go immediately to the Sticky Planet or stop in London first for a pair of wellies. 

Vellum – calf, lamb, or goatskin treated for use as a writing surface.

Come near me with that quill, and I’ll show YOU a surface. 

Come near me with that quill, and I’ll show YOU a surface.

Image:  wisegeek.com

Verdigris (VUR-di-grees) – the green or blue coating you see on copper, brass, or bronze. It can result from exposure and consists of poisonous copper carbonate, copper chloride, or copper acetate.

If you visit the Statue of Liberty, don’t lick it.

If you visit the Statue of Liberty, don’t lick it.

Image:  Elcobobbola / Wikimedia Commons

Vicarious – received in place of another; experienced via imaginative participation.

Viviparous – producing live young.

“I believe this alien is viviparous,” Scully said at autopsy, peering intently into the body cavity and ignoring Mulder’s retching.  “I see evidence that it’s given birth.

Vouchsafe – to allow or give by favour or graciousness.

Vorticose – like a vortex; whirling.

Vulpine – foxlike or pertaining to foxes.

Vulcanology – the study of volcanoes.  From Vulcan, the Roman god of fire.


Images:  museumvictoria.com and startrek.com

Vying – competing.

Buffy’s hand rested comfortably on Mr. Pointy.  She knew she could defeat all the vamps who were vying for a chunk of her slender neck. 




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