Save the London Book Barge! and NaNoWriMo whatever; I’ve lost track now

Remember this?

The book barge, Word on the Water.  Step inside (watch your head) and discover a nice selection of used books. 

The London book barge, Word on the Water.  Step inside (watch your head) and discover a nice selection of used books.

Word on the Water needs our help!  They put in for a permanent tender at Paddington Station, and the Canal and River Trust of London awarded the place instead to a large corporation who wanted to put a coffee boat there.  Seriously.  Like there aren’t any coffee shops anywhere near Paddington (there are a zillion coffee shops in London).

Matt Zitron has written an impassioned plea in a HuffPo article about it.  Read it; I’ll wait.

Done?  Please consider signing the petition, even if you’re not a Londoner.  If you are, don’t let big business kill the little places that give London its charm. Bookshops are in the business of selling dreams, and we all need a little of that.  Plus, a floating bookstore is the height of cool and these people are very nice.  Thank you.


Okay, now that I’m off my soapbox, I have completely lost track of NaNoWriMo.  I’m hanging on by a thread here!

Secret Book is coming along; however, there is NO way I’m going to be finished by the end of the month.  I expect to reach the NaNo 50,000-word goal, but it is not going to be done until I’m done.  Probably not until Christmas, actually.

And I still have a metric ton of research to do.  It’s not a problem.  I have time.  Right now, all I want to do is finish the damn thing.

In Tunerville news, I sent off a submission copy.  Since that will take approximately three months for them to review it (if they do), and I forgot to enclose the SASE for my rejection (sigh), I’ll probably never know if they even looked at it.  So back to the queries.

In Rose’s Hostage news, there is no news.  Sorry to disappoint you (and me!).  Brian did say he was putting a manuscript in the mail; let’s hope it was mine.

Now I must leave you, as I need to finish one scene and begin another that I didn’t have time to do at lunch today.  Go read a book (and sign that petition!).

4 thoughts on “Save the London Book Barge! and NaNoWriMo whatever; I’ve lost track now

  1. I keep on telling my friend who is doing Nanowrimo and getting discouraged about not hitting the targets to stop beating herself up about it. The same goes for you – you are doing remarkably well, and it should serve as inspiration and not to panic about it not being finished, by what is an arbitrary time. Nanowrimo didn’t even exist a while ago!
    And yes, I’ve heard about the word on water thing and it makes me sad & mad.
    Actually, while I’m here, I’ll recommend you a book before AAM – “The Bookshop Book” by Jen Campbell – is all about various bookshops around the world, both independent and chain. I read it and wanted to immediately go and find all the European ones (I don’t fly so others are harder to get to)

    • I’m not really beating myself up; it’s just that the book is going to be longer than I anticipated. I still haven’t even gotten much of Main Character #1 done yet!

      Yes, I hope the Canal and River Trust will reconsider or find them a place they can call home. It makes me angry when Big Business gets favored over the little guy. And seriously, do they really need another coffee shop near Paddington? It’s not like there aren’t any around! :P

      • That’s good then :)
        Yeah, in fact, isn’t there enough coffee shops in London full stop!?
        I was sad I didn’t get to go ‘on’ the shop as it was closed due to this when I was there :( it’s such a lovely thing to do and I hope they can get a spot somewhere.

        • Well good Lord, now they’re being threatened with an injunction! They haven’t done anything wrong!

          I’m starting to get really angry about this.

          On Thu, Nov 20, 2014 at 4:48 PM, Graphomaniac – Elizabeth West wrote:


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