NaNoWriMo 2014 – Baby it’s cold outside

Brr, it’s cold in here.  The weather has turned.  Autumn is segueing into winter.  Though I’m enjoying the Wearing of the Scarves (all six of the ones I bought in the UK, though not at once), I’m not liking the frigid wind much.  Poor little Psycho Kitty is going to need her space blanket insulation much sooner than I thought.

This happened during the polar vortex last year.

This happened during the polar vortex last year.

Photo:  Elizabeth West

I’d do it tonight, but she’s ensconced in her doghouse and I don’t want to haul her out to wrap it.  She didn’t emerge when I checked on her earlier, a sign that she’s not comfortable outside it.  It’s somewhat warmer in there, and she has a fluffy bed and a wrap round it, so she’ll be fine for now.

NaNoWriMo news:  word count is 1,821 today, and I am counting the 289 I wrote previously and plugged into this scene where they belong.

As for the Universe, I’m still mad at it.  I completely understand what it’s like to be this person right now.

Kinda wishing I had her powers, too. 

Kinda wishing I had her powers, too.


So the book is coming along despite the ridiculousness that is my life.  I finished correcting Tunerville, I have a very nice cover letter written for its submission to Imprint-of-Big-Publisher, and I actually slept all the way through last night without waking up.

Keep your fingers crossed for my submission. I have a feeling the books will be just the spell I need.  Let’s hope for a good outcome.  Magic always has a price, as you know.


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