NaNoWriMo Day 1 – I was supposed to be doing what?!

Goddamn it, I’m tired.  Good thing I already wrote 46% of my NaNoWriMo obligation.

Tonight, my Doctor Who meetup group went to a Harry Potter pub quiz at our favorite mobile eatery.  Outside.  It is about 40 degrees. That’s Fahrenheit; Celsius would be about 4.

Which felt accurate. 

Which felt accurate.

Image:  Gualberto107/

I’m still not warmed up entirely, despite two helpings of hot butterbeer (don’t ask me what was in it, but it was delicious) and climbing under two blankets.

So I’m rereading my outline.  My life is about to get very antisocial, and I needed to spend some time with my friends before I actually step through the dark and scary wardrobe and come out in the landscape of Main Character 1’s mind.  Writing stories with hugely emotional characters makes me wish even more that I had someone to ground me when I leave their heads.

Well, there we go then.

Well, there we go then.


I think it best to write most of that person’s scenes first, as much as I can, and then get into Main Character 2’s head, where things are a little lighter.

In the meantime, I found a place I might be able to submit Tunerville unsolicited, so I’ve been doing another hard copy edit.  It’s so much fun lugging around a giant binder full of paper.  I’d love for someone to say, “I want to read your book!” and then I can watch his/her face when I thump down that huge pile of wood pulp and say, “Here!”  Muwahaha.

“I don’t understand--I pictured it like this.”

“I don’t understand–I pictured it like this.”

Image:  vertda/

It’s an ugly process, but that’s the way it goes.

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