Happy International Talk Like a Pirate Day 2014!

Avast, ye scurvy knaves!  Tomorrow be International Talk Like a Pirate Day (or TLAPD, as it be known on ye olde intertubes). Ye better be practicin’ yer pirate lingo, or I’ll keelhaul ye!

I won’t be writin’ a pirate-y post fer ye, as I’m preppin’ to go te that great seafarin’ nation o’ England.  Aye, it be just a few days and I’ll be off, but not aboard ship, more’s the pity.  No, I be havin’ to take a flyin’ machine, arrrr.  These days, it not be the most fun way te travel.

Arrr, this be the way to go.

Image:  Captain Woodget/Wikipedia.com

But I got me some comfy trousers, and I’ll be wearin’ me best boots and neckerchief (a scarf for ye fashionably impaired).  I’m told I look European in me glad rags, and as ye know, a good pirate likes to mix with the locals.

Bein’ as this TLAP Day be on a Friday, ye might be wantin’ to step out to the pub for some grog and a hearty yo-ho-ho with yer best mates.  So switch yer Facebook to pirate talk, quaff a flagon fer me, and don’t get yerself thrown in the brig!



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