Juggling Papers


I’m so tired I can hardly see straight.  Not really liking school this time around.  A good job seems kind of worthless when there’s nothing to come home to.

What about me?!

What about me?!

Photograph by Elizabeth West

I did finish my first edit today at lunch.  Yes!

What’s the next step?  To print out the book and go over it in hard copy.  I am NOT looking forward to that.  I have 82,417 words and 314 pages to haul around.

Lucky for me, I’m kind of hoardy, especially with office supplies.  In my combination craft/storage/whatever room, I have about twenty 3-ring binders of various sizes, all waiting to get creamed by my dragging them around hither and yon.

One binder goes in my skate bag; it contains program instructions, notes, a little diagram of a hockey rink I use to draw my programs on, and sometimes, in the pockets, my music.

The book editing binder usually has the manuscript, and a 3-hole pocket thing full of highlighters of various colors, a pen, and small and large sticky notes for tagging stuff I want to find again.  Rose’s Hostage went through several hard copy edits; I had a large grocery bag full of paper I ended up recycling when I was finished.

There’s one more, and that’s the one Brian Keene has right now.  According to his blog, our critiques should be coming back to us in a few weeks at most.  I’m alternately excited and terrified.

I’m too tired to look for any pictures tonight, so I’ll leave you with cartoonist Simon Tofield showing you how he draws a kitten.


4 thoughts on “Juggling Papers

    • Me too—they’re so cute. I love when the kitty is hungry and points in his mouth. My kitty just bawls, but she bawls over everything so I don’t know what she’s asking for half the time. :P

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