Footling Around

A2Z-2013-BANNER-900_zps1a85732a I wanted to edit at lunch today, but my computer at work only has two USB ports.  My mouse was in one, and my phone was in the other playing music.  Arrgh!

It’s just as well.  By the time I get really rolling, it’s time to go back to work anyway.

So, I footled around by writing my Saturday F post while eating my lovely meal of hard-boiled eggs, an organic everything bagel with cream cheese, a mango and some lovely milk.  What can I say—it’s Monday.  Let’s hope all these leftovers don’t make me sick.

Footling around is like doodling.  Your brain needs mindless activity.  It can be either something pointless, or a thing you’ve done a hundred million times, during which your mind sorts through information and processes ideas.

How many of you have had a revelation while mowing the lawn or doing dishes?  Yeah, me too.  I learned the hard way—STOP AND WRITE IT DOWN.

Writers need to footle.  It may look like we’re not working.  We are.  Thinking is work.

For some, it's harder than for others.

For some, it’s harder than for others.

It was definitely harder for me today; it took another twenty minutes for me to remember that I had my outlet charger for the phone with me, and by then lunch was over.  Happy Monday, everybody!


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