New Blog and the Saga of the Garage Sale Leftovers

I’ve started a new blog on, where all my work-related posts can live in harmony with their corporate bedfellows in the blogosphere.   It’s called Clerical Chick.

I’ve started it off by moving three previously published and re-edited work posts over there.  I’m sorry if you made a comment on any of them here; if so, it was lost when I moved the post.  Don’t feel obligated to reread them, but if you want to I’m fine with that.

I’ll try to update it (and this one) more often, now that I’m home all day.  You can only watch so much daytime TV.

Nickelodeon. It's the new crack.

Photo by Elizabeth West
Don’t ask me what’s going on with Miranda Cosgrove’s head in that picture.  My camera obviously isn’t action-oriented.
Today I put out a whole bunch of garage sale leftovers to donate to a local thrift store that helps victims of domestic violence.  Well, that’s where they ended up, anyway.   They have the same phone number as the state Council for the Blind, who originally called me asking for donations.

I was reminded last night to put all my stuff outside on the driveway by 8:30 am.  Noon rolled around and no truck.  I called and was told it was out on the route, it would be there, don’t worry.  I was worried.  It was supposed to rain and it took me a half hour this morning to move it all out.

4:45 pm.  No truck.  Called again, and discovered I wasn’t on the route sheet and hadn’t even called the right organization!  But the guy dragged the truck out and showed up right before it started raining.  Yay!

I hope they sell the stuff and it helps someone out.  You can look around your community for similar organizations that help those in need.   Donate some decent stuff, give money or just volunteer.

Time to stalk dinner.  Check the new blog out if you get a chance.  If you have any suggestions for work-related topics or questions I can answer, leave a comment over there.  Thanks for keeping me on your blogroll!

4 thoughts on “New Blog and the Saga of the Garage Sale Leftovers

  1. What a brave soul you are Elizabeth handling two blogs. I do admire those who are able to blog daily and/or have multiple blogs. But I can not keep that pace.

    • I’m not sure I can either, Wanda! But since I’m unemployed, I was kind of hoping the other one might showcase my writing skills at least. Anyway, I guess I have more time to write. :P

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