My First Guest Post!

I have a short post today, because I already wrote one.  It doesn’t appear here, however.

I’ve published my first guest post, over at bloggish and diverse web magazine The Soap Boxers!  Thanks, Kosmo, for asking me to submit.  Kosmo is an interesting guy.  We met in the comments on The Consumerist, a blog about consumer issues that’s owned by Consumer Reports. .

Click on the link below, to see it in all its political rantyness.  While you’re over there, knock around a little.  Lots of articles to see about lots of things.   :)

How Can Politicians Earn My Vote?

4 thoughts on “My First Guest Post!

  1. There are lots of interesting adjectives in the English language that could describe me – brilliant, handsome, modest.

    And you choose “interesting”.


    Actually, that word does get used a lot to describe me, because people find it difficult to pigeonhole me (which is good, since I’m not a pigeon).

    I was quite happy to have you as a guest writer on the site. Writing’s a difficult gig, and when I see a good writer, I try to help them out. Hopefully the article drives some traffic to your site. And, of course, the street goes both ways. There are a ton of articles on The Soap Boxers (1000+) ranging on topics from politics to baseball to comics. Just click on the Archive tab at the tab at the top to find a listing.

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