And Now Back to Our Regular Programming

I’m back to the normal blog this evening.   I started early yesterday and ended early tonight because I have to work in the morning, but I’m very glad I had the chance to participate in the protest.

I emailed my congresscritters this morning.  One of them has joined the opposition.  YEAAAAH!!!  I don’t hate you quite so much this afternoon, Mr. Roy Blunt!  Now quit robocalling me!

The SOPA / PIPA blackout protest did a great job of raising awareness of the restrictive, bat-ass crazy legislation today.  Reports are coming in that increasing numbers of senators have reversed themselves on the bill.  Congratulations, netizens!  Thanks to everyone who participated and demonstrated today.

This is very good news.  IT’S THE POWAH OF TEH INTERNETZ!

Now to annoy them even further, the rest of my blog post will consist of copied LULZ.  Enjoy!





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