20 Things I am Thankful for in 2011

I borrowed this idea from freelance writer and writing guru Anne Wayman’s post here, where she has listed 108 things she is grateful for in the year 2011.  You can read her list and see what you have in common with hers.

This past year has been less than great, but I’m sure I can come up with a decent list.   In no particular order, here are the things that inspire my gratitude.

1.  A Certain Someone.  Okay, this is number one.  :)

2.  I have a job.  Yes, I hate it, but it’s a job and it pays.

3.  My first paying writing job for wiseGEEK.com.

4.  The fact that I can write at all.

5,.  An overall great family.

6.  Getting to go see John Williams at the Hollywood Bowl.

7.  The music of John Williams and countless others on Streamingsoundtracks.com.

8.  The Internet.

9.  All the terrific people I’ve met on the Internet, from all over the world.

10.  Video games.

11.  BOOKS!

12.  Magazines.  I love’em!

13.  Figure skating.  Being able to actually do it.

14.  Kitties.

15.  Skype video calling.

16.  Clean water.

17.  Central heating and air conditioning.  I’ve been considering a book at least partially set in the Victorian era.  I can’t even imagine wearing those long dresses in 98-degree weather with no AC and no fans.

18.  All the great blogs out there I’ve read this year:  Hyperbole and a Half, Tossing it Out, About Freelance Writing, my American Indian friend’s blog ikcewicasa (seriously, read this; I’m jealous so it must be good), and Author! Author!, which I am woefully behind on.  I promise to read you more this year, guys.

19.  Any and all writers out there who have shared their advice, struggles and triumphs with the rest of us.   When you commiserate, we feel like we’re not alone.  When you succeed, we have hope.  Thank you for sharing.

20.  Not least of all, those who read my words.  Without you I would be yelling into the wind.  I may still be for the most part, but I hope I’ve at least entertained you a little this year and/or made you think.

Thank you for reading.  Happy New Year!

4 thoughts on “20 Things I am Thankful for in 2011

  1. Thank you for your sweet tribute. And though I may not always comment, I see all of your posts. I share many of the things on your list. Yay for clean water and indoor plumbing.
    Stay thankful and I wish you all the best in the coming year.

    Wrote By Rote

  2. “Central heating and air conditioning. I’ve been considering a book at least partially set in the Victorian era. I can’t even imagine wearing those long dresses in 98-degree weather with no AC and no fans.”

    Not to mention deodorant and indoor plumbing for baths.

    In a couple hundred years, people will look back at our time and think about how smelly we must have been.

    Definitely right about the internet. I met my wife on the internet, have business dealings with a couple of friends I met over the net (and have never met in person), can keep up on sports scores, can easily keep in contact with remote friends via email, etc. So versatile.

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