This is How Not to Pay Attention… Sheesh!


Way back in April, during the A-Z Blogging Challenge, I garnered a blog award from writer, artist and animator Deirdra Eden Coppel, who commented that she was enjoying my blog.

You can see it in my sidebar, the Powerful Woman Writer Award.  Isn’t her picture dynamic!  I wish I could draw like that.

Thank you, Deirdra, and I promise to do my best to try and keep the content standards up on here.   And I apologize for being so spacey that I didn’t even see your comment.  :P

I welcome comments and as long as I can I will continue to try and read and respond to as many of them as I can.  Since I don’t get very many that shouldn’t be too hard.  I broke my own rule and let my day job get to me.  NO MORE!

From now on, my writing comes FIRST!*

And another thank you to everyone who has been reading, from A-Z bloggers to my friends.  I wish I had more news to tell you re publication, but not so far.  I’m still working, though.  Got a new book to finish and edit.  I’ll keep you all posted.  When I begin querying, perhaps I’ll post an excerpt or two.

Happy weekend, everybody.  For those still stuck in the heat wave, stay chilly.

* would love to say I’ve moved to a private island where I’m happily scribbling away on the beach, but no.


2 thoughts on “This is How Not to Pay Attention… Sheesh!

  1. Gosh that reminds me, Deirdra gave me some kind of award back in April. In fact there were several awards passed to me that I still need to acknowledge.

    Congratulations on yours. And that private island, along with some independent wealth and lots of writing time sounds pretty darn nice to me.

    Tossing It Out

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