Vocabulary: Kickin’ Letter K

K is for kookie…oh wait.  No dessert for me.  I have to be skinny shortly for a trip to Los Angeles.  I will post pictures if I get any good ones (not of me!).  No, Psycho Kitty is not going.  Yes, Certain Someone is.  :)


“Meh. I didn’t want to leave the yard anyway.”

Kake – dammit, I did it again…

Karabiner (also carabiner) – a clip ring with a spring closure used in mountaineering and rappelling to connect ropes.

Keelhaul – Yarr!  A pirate cap’n’ll keelhaul ye –drag yer carcass under the keel o’ the ship by a long rope—iffen ye don’t shape up, matey!

Khmer – the official language of Cambodia.

Kinesthesia – the sense of muscle movement.  In Howard Gardner’s multiple intelligences theory of learning, having kinesthetic intelligence means you have control over your body and learn physical skills easily.  I do not have this.



Klingon (Star Trek)  – a warlike race who opposed the Federation but in the Next Generation series became cautious allies.  Klingon is also an invented, fictional language that some Trek fans actually speak.  Kind of like Tolkien’s Elvish.

Knackered – an old slang term for worn out, exhausted.  From the English knacker, which is a person who renders animals that are not fit for human consumption (at the dreaded glue factory!).  Knacker is also a derogatory term for an Irish traveler.

Kohl – soft eyeliner, easily smudges.  The ancient Egyptians used it frequently.

Kraken – a sea monster believed to attack ships and carry sailors down to the depths.

A sailor’s worst nightmare…other than a leak.

Kuru – brain disease similar to Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease (similar to mad cow), transmitted by eating the brains of infected individuals.  Yes, you heard me.  Cannibalism.  0_o

Kwashiorkor –what you get when you don’t eat enough protein.  This is the one the big-bellied kids in the commercials have.  Treatable if caught early; will kill your ass if it isn’t.

Kyphosis –  a condition where the shoulders pull inward to the front, making a hump on the back.  Can be corrected with exercises.  I’m on a medical kick today.

KZAAMM!! Okay I made that one up.

That’s all for today, kids!

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