Flower Power

This will be a short post, because I killed myself at work today.  But every single file is put away, conflab it!  Work is why I always have to post in the evening.  I just haven’t had time to do it during the day and the Evil Internet Overlords HAVE BLOCKED ME FROM MY OWN BLOG.

See the pretty redbud flower!  I had an appointment today in an older office building in my city, and when I parked I was right next to this purple loveliness.  Spring is the only time I really like this place.


Here’s another picture of the redbuds, in contrast to the building’s windows, which are coated in something that reflects a pinkish gold.  I stood in the street to get a picture of it.  Lucky for me no cars came that way.


I get frustrated with flowers, although I really love them.   So many don’t smell as pretty as they look, or don’t have a scent at all.  Something as nice as a redbud should have a sweet aroma.  They’re like people.   The prettiest of them aren’t always as nice as they appear.


Mostly, though, flowers make me happy.  There’s a PlayStation 3 game called Flower, which Certain Someone insisted I play.  In the game, you are the wind and you have to blow over fields of tightly closed buds and open them with your touch.  Each level gets more elaborate, accompanied by amazingly relaxing and lovely music.  Oh, it was so great.  I would get a PS3 just for this game.


I wanted to take a picture of the neighborhoods as I was driving, of the mingled colors budding out on trees and shrubs.  The golden yellow of forsythia, the purple redbuds, a pinkish-white dogwood and palest glowing green of tree leaves poised to burst open.  Traffic did not allow.  I need to be where I can see natural beauty and have time to appreciate it.


Well, now that I’m officially dead, I think I’d like violets to grow in my honor.  So don’t mow them down; let them take over the yard.  Think of me when you step on a bee, ha ha.


What’s your favorite part of spring?  Please share in the comments.


4 thoughts on “Flower Power

    • Oh, yes, poor Rukia. This really isn’t your best time of year, is it? Although we are always entertained in chat by your Claritin dreams, LOL!

  1. The lilacs are out here, and I’m sure you guys have them too, if they aren’t midway through or ended by now. Those are pretty and have a smell.

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