A Positive 9/11

Today, September 11, 2010, is the ninth anniversary of the terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center in New York City, USA.

For my readers across the world, I thank you for the support you lent to stranded Americans the day of the disaster who were unable to get home.  I thank all people in countries other than mine who sympathized with us, cried for us and prayed for us.  Some of you know what terrorism is like on a daily basis; for us it was an ugly and shocking wake-up call.

The aim of terrorists is not to kill, but to demoralize by using fear.  Each person who shows kindness and tolerance to those not of their race, creed or culture takes a step to eliminate terrorism.  If we become fearful or angry because of someone’s color, clothing, sexual orientation or religion, the terrorists win.  When we talk about burning another faith’s holy book, we fall directly into their hands.

Despite what some people would have you believe, Islam is not an evil religion, nor does it preach hate.  God does not hate gays (there are gay animals–look it up) and you should not either.

Do not use the Lord God to condemn others because they are not like you.  Black, white, gay, straight, young, old, we are all human.  We are the same more than we are different.  We all want enough to eat, a safe place to sleep and to be with our loved ones.  We all bleed red when we are cut.

Any time you hurt someone because of hate, YOU are the terrorist.

Today, do something that will crush hate.  If you don’t know how, try one of these suggestions.

  • Embrace someone you never thought you would.
  • Learn something about another culture or creed.
  • Educate yourself on a subject you don’t understand.
  • Speak with someone different from you and find common ground.
  • Thank a service member, a firefighter or a police officer for all they do to protect and help others.
  • Smile at someone who seems to need it.

The goal is not to win; it is to bring everyone together.  Only then will fear and hatred recede. Do not feed them.  Starve them with your openness and generosity.  The world needs you for this purpose.

Be a friend, not an enemy.  Be human.

2 thoughts on “A Positive 9/11

  1. Thank God that there’s still people acting and talking sensibly after the cruelties of 9-11. I just recently read sth about xenophobic tendencies in people. According to scientific research we’re more prone to stick together with our lot (nationality) when we’re scared of death (unconsciously).
    In my opinion knowing is the first step of overcoming this most vicious and insensible reasoning structures. So, here my official “well done” for this awareness-raising-post.

    • Thank you.

      I really believe education is the key. If you learn about what you are afraid of, it dissipates the fear. The problem comes when people stubbornly refuse to hear anything that conflicts with their preconceived ideas.

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