Book 3 is Off and Running!

I’m sorry this has taken so long, y’all. But . . . I have officially begun writing Book 3 of the Tuner Trilogy! Taa daaaah!

The late actor Robin Williams, a white man dressed in ragged clothing with very long hair and a full beard asking "What year is it?" Pic from the movie The Fisher King.

You might notice I changed the word count on the little widget in the Main sidebar of the blog. Before, I’d included some unconnected passages I wrote here and there, but as I’m not entirely sure I’ll use them, I decided to erase that count and start over. If I do use them, I’ll add their word counts in later.

So far, as of this post, the count is 3,118 and I set the total at 50,000 (NaNoWriMo length), although I expect this book to be much longer than that. It’s just an easier place to start. I’m not sure that widget is still working like it should.

I intended to make the conlang fully speakable, but if you want this story to end before I die, I think I might have to just translate the phrases in Book 3 and leave it at that. I can release that later if you want a world compendium.

Anyway, I worked all afternoon and I’m hungry so I’ll see you later. Whet nost (good night)!

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