1,720 tonight!
50,967 total!

A little late tonight; I had to clean the house today so I could put up Christmas decorations. The tree’s up now, and my back is out. 

Of course every crooked ornament is completely obvious now that I posted it on the internet for all to see. 

There’s a widget on the home page where I’d put my word count long ago. As soon as NaNoWriMo is finished, I will update the widget with the ending word count and add to it until the book is done. I’m hoping this first draft will be complete before Christmas. 

I have to say, I’ve gained new respect for J.R.R. Tolkien, J.K. Rowling, Stephen King (especially The Dark Tower) and other fantasy authors. Building a complete world — food, clothing, customs, architecture, weapons (this one, ugh), LANGUAGE — is harrrrrrrd. 

Victory dance and then soon it’s bedtime for this writer. Catch you tomorrow! 

Angels and Demons: Hans Zimmer and Joshua Bell – Original Motion Picture Soundtrack (I listened to this a lot while writing Tunerville)

We Don’t Live Here Anymore: Michael Convertino – Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

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