NaNoWriMo 2018 Day 23: I hope you had a nice holiday

I did write about 244 words yesterday, according to Atomic Scribbler, and 61 today. Mostly tweaking. I went back and read a couple of scenes and found one particular conversation I just hated. Fixed it.

To be honest, my hands are killing me. I have a little bit of dyspraxia (yes, like Ryan on Doctor Who) and it hurts me to write for a long time. I have to push to control my hands after a while. They get stiff and don’t want to do what I say. 

I don’t have speech problems, but I do bump into things, drop things (a lot), and my handwriting is atrocious. It takes me foreeeeeever to learn choreography. When I skated, I always tried to get my programs done as far in advance of a rink ice show as possible. Learning to knit has been a challenge (but I’m determined to do it), and the other morning, while making my coffee, I flipped sugar every damn where. Just flipped it. With the spoon. 

Speaking of flipping, apropos of nothing, please enjoy this magnificent Attack on Titan gif I just found. 

Hidden disabilities can be a pain in the arse. I’m lucky, though. I can walk, talk, think, exercise, and do lots of other things that some people can’t.  

And I can write. So let me rest my hands tonight and I’ll be back on it tomorrow. 

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