NaNoWriMo 2018 Day 20: We’re in the End Game Now

Total: 3,023.
Chapter: 2,843.

Word count for November 21, since I ran over midnight: 411.

Every count in this program is off. I really think it’s screwed up somehow. 


The date on this post is going to be wrong, dammit.

I had to go back and tweak a little; I forgot to include something important in another scene. Then everyone and their dog needed to message me.

Then I had to pause and make chicken potstickers and furikake rice for dinner and the entire house smells like sesame oil now.

Then I had to look up a thing online. And ask questions on Facebook. Because my character is doing the thing but I have never done the thing.

Yes, this is what writing is like sometimes.

Now it’s time to wind down before bed with an ASMR video. Nightly night, lovelies. Sleep well.

The Endless River: Pink Floyd (world’s greatest band!)
Blade Runner 2049 again (I love this Hans Zimmer score)
Latana original score: Paul Kelly (I have never seen this Australian drama)
Various playlists I really need to transfer to my phone somehow because my computer is getting old
Michael Convertino’s poignant score for the film We Don’t Live Here Anymore

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