NaNoWriMo 2018 Day 11: Friendsgiving Sunday

Today is also Veterans Day, when we honor those who fought for our freedom. Thanks, folks. If you want to show your appreciation, exercise your vote and choose candidates who actually care about veterans and the issues they face. Hassle your reps to take care of them, and their families while they’re serving. 

Seriously, this is one of your best weapons right now.

Image: LG Electronics / Wikimedia Commons 

To contact your elected officials, text RESIST to 50409 and ResistBot will text you with their contact info. Or find them at

I only managed 611 words today. My nerdy friends and I got together for a Friendsgiving meetup, where we discussed all things Marvel and Doctor Who, made nerd plans to attend upcoming nerdcons, and stuffed ourselves to bursting. T’was much fun. I made brownies (mm) and wrote before I left. 

It’s come to my attention that people are curious about what I’m writing, and all I’ve posted so far is NaNoWriMo metrics. 

A few beta readers, one agent (who passed), and two editors have read Tunerville, but even those people don’t know what I’m doing. I don’t really want to tell you. 

Psst: Really, I would love to tell you but I’m not going to. 

When I originally wrote it, I had no intention of Tunerville being anything but a stand-alone novel. It does indeed work as one. But during my first revision, I spotted something I’d tucked into a pivotal scene unconsciously. Something that flicked on a little light bulb in the back of my mind.

I noted it and moved on. Later, I wrote more comprehensive notes and then even more notes, and finally an outline. That little flickering bulb has lit up into a trilogy. 

So basically, it’s like this: 

  • Book 1: Protagonist invents something that makes a mess. Tries to fix the mess, at great personal risk. Succeeds, apparently.
  • Book 2: Something unforeseen, except by me and maybe you if you were paying attention in Book 1, happens. And now protagonist is in another mess. Mwahaha.
  • Book 3: Everybody tries to fix the new mess that happened in Book 2 and gets into an even deeper mess. Can they all do it? We’ll see.  

And so will I. An outline is only a guide. It’ll happen how it happens. 

Tomorrow, there is a 90% chance of snow. I have plenty of cocoa. It will be a good writing day. 

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