NaNoWriMo Days 20 and 21: The Realizations

Today’s word count:  768

It snowed this morning.  Ugh.  It vanished after a while, but the weather has turned cold and the ceaseless wind that will plague us until July has begun to blow.  This sort of weather makes me wish more than ever that I had someone to keep me warm under this stupid blanket.

No words last night; this is what I did instead of writing:

My Welsh cakes

Photo:  Elizabeth West

I made Welsh cakes for a Doctor Who fan club meetup potluck.  They turned out okay, if a bit heavy; not bad for a first try.  I had to play around with my new griddle to figure out the proper temperature.  It basically took all evening, but it was worth it *nom nom nommm*

I also realized two things.

  • That November is a shitty time to do NaNoWriMo.  There is too much going on–Thanksgiving, Christmas (ice show) prep, the change in weather, and a constant, ongoing parade of potlucks.  November has so many interruptions that it’s like–well, life.  October would be better.  When you’re already struggling to finish a project this way, any help you can get is welcome.
  • That, while I dislike summer, I really, really hate winter.  Goodbye, autumn.  *sigh*

In tonight’s video from SciShow, we learn why earworms happen and what you can do about them!

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