O is for Oddments

atoz [2015] - BANNER - 910

Not every day can be a workday.  Research took a back seat to a sea of oddments and disconnected bits.  First, my knee, which had been getting better, popped in my sleep. I woke in agony at five in the morning.  I actually had to get up and go take ibuprofen.  Then it was back to bed and squirming around until the alarm went off at six.

It could be worse.  I could have had to chase this little bastard across the room.

I had to go to work because it was my day to cover the front desk receptionist’s lunch.  Up and down the stairs again because they hadn’t fixed the elevator yet (waiting for a part).  I finally gave up at three and came home to ice my knee.  Then I had to go to a beauty (ha!) appointment at five.

This evening, I went to a new-ish friend’s house and she helped my hopeless self with some knitting.  I’m trying to knit a washcloth for my mum.  I’ve been ripping it out for a year.  Obviously, I had no clue where I kept going wrong, but she set me straight.  I actually made some progress tonight, and what’s more, I don’t have to do it over later.

That’s pink, not beige.  Sorry, the hovel has bad lighting.

That’s pink, not beige.  Sorry, the hovel has bad lighting.

Photo: Elizabeth West

Today’s research (reading) had to wait.  Because I’m trying to get the knee to a functional state again, I won’t skate tomorrow.  Instead, I will clean house, pay the pet sitter, deal with the yard, read, start packing, and write more A-Z posts.

I hope you have a nice weekend as well, and I’ll be with you again tomorrow for P.

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