Aaaaand she’s off!


The holiday begins later today.  I so wish the flying were over–we all know how much fun trying to sleep on a plane can be.  I tried like hell to get an upgrade, to no avail.  But it’s okay.

Getting ready for a holiday upsets your routine tremendously.  Some people are anxious when they travel.  I get anxious beforehand.

–Did I pack everything?

–Did I pack too much?

–Did I pack the wrong clothes and oh my God will I look like an idiot?  (Seriously, I don’t know how to dress; this is a real concern for me.)

–Will my suitcase get lost?  (Shush, Rick Steves; I’m not going carry-on only because I don’t want to do laundry every damn night.)

–Will I be able to sleep on the plane?

–Where’s my passport/confirmation/lip balm/phone/water bottle/tablet?  No really– I NEED MY LIP BALM!

–Will I miss my plane?

–Will there be a delay?


The Universe gremlins have sensed impending fun, and they’ve ramped up their efforts to try and spoil things.  I haven’t slept.  I’ve been eating crap for the last two days because I cleaned the house on Sunday, and I didn’t want to cook anything and dirty up dishes.  I couldn’t buy any fresh food.  And the trash man did not empty my *full* can yesterday so I had to call them.  AAAAUUUGGGHHH.

But really, it should be fine.  I’m much more prepared than Bilbo was.  And I’ll try not to forget my handkerchief.

See you soon!

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