Happy 4th of July! Updates

Happy Fourth of July, everyone!

Oh joy, more noisy fireworks.  Just great.

Oh joy, more noisy fireworks. Just great.

Photograph by Elizabeth West

Well, Psycho Kitty won’t be very happy, and neither will lots of kittehs and goggies.  Read this article from the ASPCA on how to keep your pets safe on Independence Day.

News updates:

Brian Keene has announced the last batch of manuscripts he was reviewing will be out by the end of the month.  I stated on his Facebook page that I am alternately excited and terrified to see what he has to say about mine.  He responded by liking that comment.  I could picture him laughing like Snidely Whiplash—muwahaha.  I will let you know what he says, if I’m not too traumatized.

Tunerville is hanging loose while I finish some research.  This consists of a book on physics, some interviewing, and numerous viewings of Twilight Zone episodes for hints on speculative elements—oh wait, that last is just me being lazy.  Sorry about that.

Psst! It’s on Syfy right now!

Image:  Wikimedia Commons

I have discovered a horrible distraction—GOG.com (Good Old Games).  Here, you can download older games by the ton and play them on updated systems.  It’s all legit.  Check them out—they’re having a DRM-free Summer Sale right now.  I have downloaded The 7th Guest and Myst: Masterpiece Edition.  I may or may not emerge sometime this summer; we’ll see.

Recently, I found a meetup group of fellow Doctor Who fans, so that might get me out of the house more often.  They also belong to a sci-fi book club—I’m contemplating that as well.  Since Tunerville and another novel I have planned both have speculative elements, it might be worthwhile to (1) read more sci-fi and (2) discuss it.

I’ll leave you to your holiday now.  Have fun and be safe.





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