NaNoWriMo Day 25 – Didn’t Do Crap

Here’s what I did today instead of writing:

The lights twinkle. I would have made them do that in the picture but I don’t know how yet.

I wasn’t going to do a tree, but after I cleaned the house, I caved.  I put lights on my kitchen window too.

All the ornaments have Snoopy either on or in them.  Most of them are Hallmark ones from the 1970s.  I’ve had them for years.  There’s a silver bow on top.  Usually I do a designer-style tree with gold beads and burgundy bows, but I’m kinda tired of that one.

I opened the ornament box and found that my colored lights from two Christmases ago were half burnt out.  So I had to schlep to Walmart in my Crocs and socks (shut up) to get more.  I should have purchased more tinsel, but they didn’t have any decent stuff.  I swear, it gets skimpier every year.  Probably to force you into buying more. Jerks

Before I did that, I went to skating practice.  We have a Christmas show on December 15th.  I actually skated a mostly clean program today.  Whee!  Now if only I can do that at showtime….

Hoping this doesn’t happen. Owch.

Image:  Gabriel Bouys / Getty Images- Los Angeles Times blog

Do yourself a favor:  be careful when you google.  I searched for “skater on butt” instead of “skater falling on butt.”  Don’t search it!

Time for some really cool animation.  Check out this cute Simon’s Cat video.

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