NaNoWriMo Day 20 – Fire in the Hole

Word count – 0.

Holy cabbage farts, Batman, what a stinky day.

  1. I called my vet this morning re the research for that one scene.  Left message.
  2. Could not find one single job to apply to.
  3. Had a Happy Meal for lunch while running errands.  Bleah.
  4. Had a doctor’s appointment at two.  Showed up early, sat in the waiting room for thirty minutes, sat in the exam room for another thirty.
  5. Was told the minor procedure (don’t ask) I was expecting was going to hurt for at least a week.
  6. Whilst waiting for some topical lidocaine to take effect, vet called me back.  Hopped off table half-naked to answer call, in case it was an employer.  Made appointment for next Tuesday.  Phone battery died.
  7. Had minor procedure.  Ugh.
  8. Went to buy pain medication at supermarket pharmacy.   $24.00 for the generic.  Urp.  Also bought supermarket chicken and chocolate cupcakes, because chocolate makes me feel better.  $3.50 and $3.49, respectively.
  9. Drove home in rush hour traffic, with phone plugged into car charger.  Discovered that dead phone battery made me miss a call from employer I had interviewed with.  Was too late to call back, but I did it anyway, so they would know I wasn’t blowing them off.  Don’t know if it’s good news or bad news.
  10.  Got home.  Found letter from police department in mailbox.  Uh oh.
  11.  Letter turned out to be a vehicle claim notification because the old car I gave someone, which they never registered, was towed and sitting in impound.
  12.  Called police department.  Was told by very nice officer that I didn’t have to do anything.
  13. Sat down to eat chicken, which was now almost cold.
  14.  Realized the nice injection the doctor gave me to, as he put it, “numb the area” is wearing off.   0_0     >_<

Image:  Malene Thyssen / Wikimedia Commons

  1.  Now waiting for the generic Tylenol with codeine to take effect.  COME ON CODEINE!!!!

At least I thought to get the chicken instead of standing around cooking when I feel kind of pain-ish.  Chased that codeine with a chocolate cupcake too.  Chocolate makes everything better.

Since the fall sports season is in full swing, please enjoy this video of the excellent John Cleese on soccer vs. football.



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