First Fiction Contest Win!

Well I’ll be hornswoggled—I won a fiction contest!

Yeah, yeah, I was the only entry.  But still!

The story is called “Te Absolvo,” which is Latin (or something) for “I forgive.”  It’s my take on a famous historical personage, whose identity you’ll probably guess easily.  I hope you enjoy it.   You can read it here at The Soap Boxers blog. 

While you’re there, knock around a bit.  Read Kosmo and some of the other writers at the site.  That ought to keep you out of trouble for a while, heh heh.


6 thoughts on “First Fiction Contest Win!

  1. I’ll admit that I was disappointed to not receive more entries. However, better to get one good story than a bunch of others.

    I enjoyed the story. Crime fiction is also my preferred genre. I’m working on a serial killer novel.

    Note to readers: I’m giving away a $5 Amazon gift card to a random commenter. So if you leave a response to Elizabeth’s story (on my site), you have a chance to win. Just be sure to include your email address in the relevant spot, so that I can contact you (the address doesn’t get published).

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