I love: Z.

Because it’s the end!

By the time the Blog Challenge is over, I’m tired of posting every day.  I enjoyed this challenge much more than last year’s, however.  For one, I’m not working two jobs.  For another, I actually had a plan this time.

I also like Z because it’s a neat letter.  When I write it, I make it like this:  Z.   (That’s a line through the letter, not a strikethrough.)  I make my number seven the same way:  7.   Long ago, my late voice teacher, Margaret Thuenemann, made hers that way (Pittsburg State University in Kansas).  I liked it so much I adopted it.

I hope some of my posts were entertaining, at least.  It’s way past time to work on my book again, but I’ll try to post regularly.  That’s one thing the Challenge is good for—getting you back on track.

Thank you to everyone who hopped over here and a big thank you and hug to my regular readers.


4 thoughts on “Z!!!

  1. Congrats on another successful A-Z Challenge. Love reading all the poastes (especially the Y poaste). Hope you will do it again next year. :)

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