Vocabulary – L is for Letter

The letter L!  L stands for lollipop, laughter, lurking, love and limerick.

Latent – hidden, as in fingerprints or a dormant disease process.  Something usually needs to act on it to bring it out.

Samwise wanted to believe the latent writing on the One Ring, which the fire had revealed, was really an advertisement for a new brand of fertilizer. 

Lagniappe (lan-YAP) – Cajun French, meaning a little something extra, like a tip or gratuity.  A freebie when you check into a hotel or buy something is lagniappe.

Lemures (LEM-ur-eez) – troublesome family ghosts that must be exorcised.

Peeves, the Hogwarts resident poltergeist. Illustration by Mary Grandpre.

Lexicon – usually the vocabulary of a language or profession.  Also can refer to the collection of terminology peculiar to a canon, such as Harry Potter, Star Trek or The Lord of the Rings.

Lhasa Apso – a small canine that resembles a mop.  Originated in Tibet as a watchdog.

Watchdog or fashion victim? You be the judge.

Lhotse– the world’s fourth highest mountain,  Located near Mount Everest in the Himalayas, it’s connected to Everest by the South Col.  The west flank of Lhotse is called the Lhotse Face and rises two miles in only a little over a mile of space.  That’s a steep climb, baby.

The North Col is an easier climb technically, but regardless of which way you go, you will need oxygen once you reach the Death Zone (26,000 feet or more above sea level).  Everest’s summit is at 29,029 feet.  I wish I were really athletic so I could climb it.

What am I, an IDIOT?!?

Libation (lie-BAY-shun) – a celebratory or ceremonial drink.

“Let us indulge in this libation while we watch the lions feast,” said Nero.  He sipped delicately at his goblet of fine wine while observing the screaming gladiators. 

Lipoma – a benign fatty tumor.  Bleah!

Llew (Welsh) – lion.  It is NOT pronounced the way it looks!  Click here and then click the little arrow to hear a man’s voice say the word.

Louver (LOO-ver )– a sloped slat, as in a door or shutter.

Lordosis – sharp inward curvature of the lumbar spine.  Swayback.

Lulu – sorceress character in the Final Fantasy X game for PS2.   Her Japanese name isルールー.  No, I don’t know how it’s pronounced.  Yes, I’m playing it—or rather, exhibiting my complete incompetence in it by constantly killing everybody.

That little teddy thing is a Moogle. Never fight monsters with it! It doesn't do anything!

Luthier – a craftsman who makes stringed instruments.  I know one. :)

Lycanthrope (LIE-kun-throhp) – werewolf.

Lyonnaise – style of cooking sliced or diced potatoes in butter with onions and parsley.  Mmm.


That’s all the words for today, people.  See you next time!

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