Some Neat Things from Bad Wolf Software

So what do you think of the new blog design?  I like it.  Had this picture at the beginning, and decided to go back to it.  It’s a picture of a very old library in Wolfenbuettel, Germany that I found on a stock photo site.

Speaking of sites, a couple of years ago a colleague recommended a really cool software for writing called PageFour, from Bad Wolf Software.  I tried it and loved it.  They have something new, which is why I wanted to write a post about them.

DISCLAIMER:  I am a licensed user of the PageFour software and a happy one.  I am not being compensated for plugging the software.   I just want to let you know about it.

This program has these little notebooks that you can write chapters or scenes in.  It’s very simple and easy to use.  It has several features I like:

  • The notebooks hold each chapter separately.  This means you can search a chapter instead of going through an entire manuscript.   Much easier to find bits you want to move around.
  • AND…when you are done, you can MERGE them into one document!
  • Simple interface without stupid auto-formatting.
  • Search functions seek out repeated words.
  • Can be used on more than one PC.
  • Updates included.  And it’s not that expensive.  If you use it for freelancing work, it pays for itself pretty quick.
  • You can import and export things to Word easily for formatting when you are ready to do that.

The reason I thought to share this with you (and I should have shared PageFour before) is that they have a new thing called AtoZ Notebook.  It’s a simple data management program that is password encrypted.   There’s a free version with only one notebook, but it never expires so you can use it with no upgrades forever.   I was just wishing that my little secret contact document was encrypted.  How did they know?

Go to the AtoZ Notebook site and watch the demo video on the Screenshots page, and listen to a fantastic Irish-accented voice tell you all about the software.  Okay, there’s a typo on the home page, but no one is prefectt.

If you tried it and liked it, or if you know a writer who might like PageFour, pass on their links.

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