Noms—noun.  Food, eats, sustenance.  Also to nom—verb as in to eat said noms.

Mm. Bacon.

This was the result of an experiment, trying something I saw online.  Among my nerd friends and most of the denizens of my chat room, bacon is the food of the gods, and who doesn’t like pancakes?

They actually weren’t bad.

In case you’re not familiar with LOLcats, they do nom quite regularly and cutely.  I like to nom myself, which explains why I have such a time keeping my weight in check.  Not quite so successful at the moment.

My favorite foods used to be those that were bad for me, like cheese enchiladas from the local faux Mexican dump and Arby’s (sorry, I love you guys, but you’re not exactly healthy there).  I’ve been making more of an effort to eat like this:

Delicious tilapia and quinoa with veggies.

Instead of like this:

Oh dear Lord. Refined carb-o-rama!

Certain Someone likes to try different food places and so do I.  The best place we went recently was a fondue restaurant called the Melting Pot.  I’ve never had fondue before, although I own a fondue pot that is still in the box.  I think I’ll be breaking it out soon.  The food was delicious and the ambience very romantic.  Good date place.

Besides fondue, I enjoy a good Italian place.  There’s a very nice one here in my city.  The spinach and ricotta gnocchi is da BOMB.  I’d like to take CS there soon.  I think he would enjoy it.  Just plain spaghetti makes me happy as well.   Mm, yes, that would be good for dinner.  I’m hungry.  No, I have not eaten yet.
Can you get any better than a good nom with the people you love in a warm, safe place?  I think not.  Go forth and make thy tummy happy.  Then come back and tell us why and what your favorite noms are.

6 thoughts on “Noms

  1. Toasted pita with not too sour hummus, good gyro meat, and LOTS of black olives. Meatloaf with good augratin potatoes, perfectly cooked peas, and warm, crusty French bread. Thick beef stew with very tender meat, big chunks of potatoes, peas, carrots, lima beans. That’s all I can think of atm.

  2. Another awesome food poaste LOL. There is actually a Melting Pot in New Orleans, but I have never been there. I have unexpectedly had a culinary experience recently. Upon one of my quests to nom anything edible I could find I came across the unusual combination of gingerbread and cheddar cheese. I know it sounds gross, but it was such an unusual mixture it was actually quite nice :)

    • Oooooookaaaay…LOL I’ve been thinking about making gingerbread so I might try it. Actually, since people put cheese on apple pie, that’s not so weird.

      A lunch at the Melting Pot might be less expensive than dinner. Obviously I didn’t pay, but I got the impression that it wasn’t exactly cheap.

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