Short post today; Christmas prep is underway.  I’ve finished all my shopping.  I received a present of my own to share with you.  Recently I opened my Gmail and found a notice for my very first pay as a writer, for test articles on a site to which I’m hoping to become a regular contributor.  Yay!

No, wait.  That doesn’t really do the moment justice.


That’s better.

I haven’t done this kind of informational writing before, using keywords.  It’s new to me.  I see it as a challenge, not an obstacle.  The more I branch out with different types of writing, the more avenues of success open up to me.

The thought exploded in my mind that a small beginning is ONLY the beginning.  For the first time in my life, I’ve tried something new, and it actually worked.  I know now I can do this.  I really can.  That’s the sort of realization that opens the world to a person.  If this can work, maybe my other writing will.  And someday, I may be gracing the shelves of your nearest bookstore.*

Most people work from necessity.  Few of us have trust funds.  It’s a great feeling to get paid for something you want to do rather than something you have to do.  Any time you can experience that, savor it.   Even small jobs add up to your collective experience.  Writing for websites can give you clips.   Pop these things on your resume or CV and rejoice in your hard work.  You should be proud of yourself when you finish a job well done, especially if you feel you’ve really earned your pay.

If you’ve earned money doing something you enjoy, please share in the comments.  Tell us why you chose to do it and how it felt to realize the possibilities of your dream.

*Oh please oh please oh please.

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