Write On!

Gah, I nearly forgot about the reflection post.  Work has been so crazy lately, I barely have enough energy left to do anything after.  When it gets like that, it’s time to take stock.  This post will be short, because I packed twenty-nine sample boxes today and my hands don’t want to do anything else.

I really enjoyed doing the challenge.  It was tough going sometimes, but I kept with it.  I only missed one post, and that was the Y one, and only because I made notes and left the file on my computer at work instead of saving it to my flash drive.

A lot of the posts were written while I was at work, on my lunch hour.  I drag my laptop in with me and write then sometimes.  I usually spend fifteen minutes yammering with the plant guys before they go back to the slog and I get down to business.  Today I read them a bit of my book; they all wanted to hear the dirty parts, ha ha.  Not likely. I need to tell them, “If I read you that part, you won’t have any reason to buy the book!”

One or two posts had to wait until I got home.  If they were kind of clunky, that’s probably why.  As for Saturday’s posts, I decided to make them about anything I want, rather than just writing or art.   I think I’ll keep that tradition, just to make it more interesting.   I might even write a bit of flash or continuing fiction.  Let me think about that a bit.

Thank you to everyone who stopped by my blog and commented.   I greatly appreciate the time you took to read my posts.  I hope to visit yours again soon.  Meanwhile, everybody write on!

Rats, I can’t seem to get the Blog Hop link code to work.  I’m sorry.  I wanted to join the fun!

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