Today’s post was brought to you by the letter E, the number 5 (as in o’clock) and the sheer desperation of someone who is already freaking over this blog challenge and she’s only on the fifth letter of the alphabet!

I made a list of e’s and put the alphabet after each one.  Then I thought up a word for each letter pairing and put my definition.  Enjoy!

Easter – a holiday on which you may choose not to write (or you can use writing as an excuse to escape your screaming family).

Ebert – Roger, a film critic who will let you know if the movie version of your novel stank.

Echoes – what you hear in your head when you have writer’s block.

Editing – what you have to do before an editor does it.  See also Editors – people who will make you rip your hair out but will ultimately make your writing better.

Eek – what you say when you realize you just emailed a query without your phone number in your signature line.

Efficacy – your effectiveness, your sense of how capable you are.  Build it by eliminating the negative thoughts in your noggin!

Egregious – as in behavior:  what some writers engage in when they become famous.

Eh! – an interjection you should utter when a rejection arrives, before you send the piece right back out again.

Eidetic – a photographic memory.  Writers should cultivate great powers of observation and remember what they see and hear, for use in their work.

Eject – the button you press to make the DVD come out.  You know, the one you’ve been watching instead of working?

EKG – electrocardiogram, which the doctor will use on you when you get that call saying “Your book just sold for a ton of money!”

Elves – fantasy creatures of great power and beauty; Tolkien set the bar for elves and no one since has topped him.

Email – a great way to save on postage.

End – what happens when you’re done telling the story.

Eon – how long it takes for submissions to receive a reply.

Epilator – something you use to remove the beard you grew waiting for an agent to get back to you on a query.

Equine – pertaining to horses, who are very calming beasts.  Pet one when you are feeling stressed.

Error – a mistake in your manuscript that you won’t see until you’ve already sent it out.

Escape – what writing is for some people.

Ether – an anesthetic, to be used when trying to work on your financial information.

Euphemisms – what we say when we don’t want to say what we want to say.

Everyone – will tell you you’re not a writer but a hobbyist.  Don’t listen to them.

Eww – what you say when you spill coffee on your pages.

Extras – little things you can put in your story to make it more fun:  hidden references, unique details and sparkling descriptions.

Eyesore – the word your spouse/significant other/family will call your messy desk and overflowing shelves of reference books.

EZ – what writing definitely is not.

10 thoughts on “Eeeeee!!!

  1. I love it. Very creative! :) If you are like me, you are noticing what letter of the alphabet that every word you come across during the day starts with and plotting… “Hey, I can use that for __ Day!”

  2. Now that’s a very creative approach to tackling the e-challenge. I might have to use that one for some of the letters I’m sure to get stuck on. Keep up the good work!

  3. An excellent and funny poaste! Epilator…*snickers* If you ever become a pirate, I’m going to call you Bru Breard. :P

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