Poaste Toasties

The title comes from a funny error someone in my chat room made; now “poaste” is a favorite word.  There is humor in mistakes, and we should laugh at ourselves, before someone else does!

We’re looking at a white Christmas, but first must endure flash flooding.  In January there is usually a warm-up accompanied by tornadoes, at least the last few years.  I always dread this time of year for the weather.  Since a terrible ice storm in 2007, I’m pretty much done with winter.  Summer used to be a downer for me, since I don’t do well in hot weather.  But a stand-up pool helped considerably. Now I’m chomping at the bit for warm weather again so I can power walk and throw my steaming body into the pool afterward.

The lovely Christmas snow will cheer it up a bit, I wager.

This post (or poaste) doesn’t have much to say except that I wish everyone and theirs a very happy holiday, be it Christmas, Solstice (already over), Festivus, Hanukah, Kwaanza, etc.  The Toasties are the holiday cheer brought by friends and family (if you get along with them, that is; I know many who don’t) and the sheer joy of lazing around the house on those precious days off.  I’m not going to the fam this year, but staying home to prepare for a guest, work a little, and watch “A Christmas Story” in my flannel snowman footie pajamas.  I wish for everyone and for myself continued health and success in whatever endeavors you passionately pursue!


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