New selfie October 2018

Photo by Elizabeth West

(until I get a head shot done, you’ll have to put up with selfies–sorry!)

Elizabeth West is a writer who lives in Missouri with an overflowing library. She will edit your technical documents for food (and a paycheck) but has done such varied jobs as spot welder, chicken trimmer, lab wretch, and cafeteria slave.

She has been performing in one venue or another since she was five: Christmas pageants, chorus, theater, and recently, figure skating, where she won a gold medal at her first (and only) competition. Writing for her is just another venue, in which the characters and scenes in her imagination attempt to burst out and take over the world.

Elizabeth graduated in 2005 from Drury University with a BS in English and an AS in Criminology. While temporarily in grad school, she published a short story, “Jack and the Bean Sprout,” in the Spring 2007 issue of Drury University’s Bonfire magazine. In May 2012, she won the first annual fiction contest at The Soap Boxers blog. That story, “Te Absolvo,” is now in her short story collection (see the Buy Me page). 

Elizabeth is querying her urban fantasy novel, Tunerville. She recently finished a book set partially in the 1960s / 1970s British and American film and theater industries. She is also working on a sequel to Tunerville. Some of her favorite writers are Preston & Child, John Wyndham, Brian Keene, John Hornor Jacobs, Stephen King, J.K. Rowling, and Emile Zola (figure that one out).

Her greatest desire is to make the American Library Association’s list of banned books.

You may reach her at aelizabethwest at gmail.com. Or find her on Twitter, where she posts as @DameWritesalot. Tweet funny cats at her and she’ll probably follow you.