300th Post–Tunerville Announcement and a Cookie Giveaway!

It’s post number 300!

Wow, I never thought I’d get this far when I started. I had nothing to say, but I thought I should have a blog where I can talk about my writing. I hoped I’d publish something besides stories before now, but hey, whatever. Now I know how Mike Rowe must have felt when he hit 200 dirty jobs.

We can talk about that anytime you like, Mike. Over dinner maybe. Rawr.

Image:  Wikimedia Commons

In honor of this milestone, I’d like to give away some cookies, as promised. One lucky commenter will win a delicious dozen of the cookie of their choice from Pacific Cookie Company in Santa Cruz, CA. This luscious prize will be shipped directly to your door, from me.

Disclaimer:  I do not represent Pacific Cookie Company, and I’m not being paid or in any way compensated for giving away their cookies–I just really, really like them.

The first person to correctly identify the following photograph will win the cookies. Your comment must contain the following information:

• The subject—what is it?

• The place the photo was taken

• The year.

It’s not hard, honest. I will go by the timestamp on your comment. But you must have all three elements to win. Here is the picture.


Now, as promised, I will tell you about my book!

Did the picture give you a clue?

Okay, okay, I’ll stop messing with you. Here we go!

Chris Taylor wouldn’t feel like such a loser if he could only see a ghost, as his fellow paranormal investigators have. Aided by a little luck and a lot of beer, he invents a tuner that dials them into the earthly plane. From politics to religion to relationships, Chris’s device upsets the status quo in a novel and as it turns out, semi-permanent way.

The afterlife –known as the Realm– anticipates trouble. It closes its borders and sends discontented emissary Callahan to manage the problem. But soon, ambitious scientist Juliette Geiger tries to exploit the tuner for her own profitable (and deadly) ends. Chris, his friends, and groovy Seventies ghost Dean Arthur try desperately to stop her. To do that, Chris must cross the ultimate barrier and become a ghost himself!


SO? Whaddya think? Pretty neat, huh? Well, I think so.

As I posted before the damn thing needs a bit of restructuring. I wrote the synopsis off the cuff, and the scenes came out in a different—and better—order than I originally wrote them. But that’s no biggie. I’ll be sure to keep you up to date on my progress.

If you’re interested, be sure to sign up to follow me here at Graphomaniac. I can’t promise this book will be published or when, but I fully intend to do my very best to bring it to you so you have something to read besides this blog.

Remember to try your luck with the cookies—post your answer in the comments!

10 thoughts on “300th Post–Tunerville Announcement and a Cookie Giveaway!

  1. First, I WANT TO READ YOUR BOOK. Where’s my time machine?

    Second, I was thinking of waiting for someone else to answer to give them a chance, but COOKIES. So, it’s The Brown Lady of Raynham Hall (Norfolk, England), taken in 1936. Supposedly the ghost of Lady Dorothy Townshend.

  2. Yay! Your book sounds so cool!!

    I’ve really enjoyed reading all your posts and now can’t wait to read your book.

    Also, I’m glad Max had the answer to the cookie mystery, because I had no idea. ;-)


    • Thanks Debbie (rooner–hee hee)!

      I hope I can get it published. It sucks writing novels and talking about them when you have no clue if anyone will ever see them, but this is the life we writers have chosen. And you have to talk about them these days–publishers want you to do all the blabbing.

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