NaNoWriMo 2015 Day 11: The Wuthering Albatross

Word count: Still reading

Whoa, the wind is absolutely howling outside.  It’s very distracting.  The entire house is creaking.  This time of year, it should be raining and cold, like Wuthering Heights, but it’s eight-fifteen at night, dry as an old bone, and it’s still 62 degrees.  Thank you, El Niño.

I also just realized I set a couple of things in the 1970s when they should have been a decade earlier.


Protagonist 1 is not a hippie girl.  She’s closer to being mod, which is a subculture of the 1960s that originated in England.  Just for fun, I might make her flirt with the crunchy granola subculture, though.

For tonight’s video, I’d like to share some of the music she might have danced to in her wild youth.  It includes this legendary song performed by Johnny Rivers.

This looks utterly HILARIOUS now.  Keep your eye on the background dancers.  They look like they came straight from the office to shoot this.  Check out their moves, man.

Ask your parents or grandparents if they remember this and let me know what they say.


NaNoWriMo Day 10: Writing doesn’t always look like writing

Word count: Reading and tweaking, so no counting today.

I’m not worried about making an official count for NaNoWriMo; it won’t take 50,000 words to complete this book.  It’s not about the word count.  As Chuck Wendig says, “NaNoWriMo lays down the law: you have a goal and that goal is to finish.”

Today, I’ve been reading Protag 1’s scenes.  This person is hard for me to get into.  I don’t feel like I quite have her as defined as I’d like.  Nothing I write at this point in time is etched in stone, so whatever I do now, I can change later.  But in outline and character worksheets, I’ve struggled with her.

Part of this relates to mood.  Protag 2 exists closer to where I live every day (or used to; I’ve slowly begun to drag myself out of that pit–either that, or I’ve given up and am just pretending I did).  Plus, he’s the English one, and you all know I want to marry England.

Can you blame me?

Can you blame me?

Image:  Derek Voller / via Wikimedia Commons

Another reason for the Protag 1 Dilemma relates to her settings.  I know more about Britain than I do about her line of work.  Again, nothing is permanent.  A lightly sketched scene is better than none at all.

I’ve got some thinking to do.  Tomorrow, I won’t be at work because it’s Veterans Day (Remembrance Day in the UK).   So I have a whole day to play with P1’s trajectory.  Yay!

For your viewing pleasure this evening, a reminder that baby elephants are incredibly cute, love water, and have no damn idea what they are doing.

Day 8 and 9 NaNoWriMo 2015: Back in the Saddle!

Word count Day 8:  0.

Word count Day 9: 1682.

All right, it’s not Canada Day and I’m not in Canada, but I liked those, okay?

I hope everyone survived the weekend and you’ve recovered from Monday.  The Back of Doom is better– I managed to do a set of stair climbs today (just one, but that’s progress) at work.  And I finished another lingering scene.  Yay!

I was not hung over from Saturday’s experiment, I promise.  I drank a huge glass of water before bed and managed to sleep long enough to awaken with nothing more than a very slight headache.  But an entire week of working while in major pain really took the starch out of me.  I was tired on Saturday, and Sunday I just could. not. even.  I didn’t even get dressed.

You need that every once in a while.  

You need that every once in a while.

Image:  tiverylucky /

So we’re back in the saddle again, and I’m starting to get more into Protagonist 1’s head.  That person’s scenes have been woefully neglected while I carry on my rekindled love affair with England.

Time to go to sleep for tonight.  My office is closed on Wednesday (Veteran’s Day in the US, Remembrance Day in the UK), so hopefully I have some catch-up time.  See you then, Wrimos.

NaNoWriMo Day 7: Alcohol, rockets, and panic, oh my!

Word count:  fuck it

Okay, I learned something tonight.  I can’t write when I’m drinking, and I’m very easily distracted by tweets that indicate the world may be coming to an end.

Seriously, check this video by YouTubers Julien Solomita and Jenna Marbles out:

It was a naval test off the coast, according to the news, but people are convinced it’s aliens.  My question is this:


Maybe we should ask this guy.

Maybe we should ask this guy.


No really, this was an experiment.  I’m reading over old scenes and I really thought a little Zinfandel would loosen up my brain, but all it’s doing is making me pissed off that I’m drinking alone and I can’t drive anywhere now.

Things tonight is teaching me:

  1. I’m not cut out for the alcoholic writer life, you guys. I’m going to have to play it sober.
  1. Facebook is really boring compared to Twitter.
  1. I’m amazed at how articulate I am when I’m tremendously buzzed.
  1. I can type fairly well when I’m tremendously buzzed.
  1. I actually think you are interested in what I’m thinking when I’m tremendously buzzed.
  1. If I were in London right now, I’d probably either get arrested or fall into the Thames.
Westminster Bridge-London

Looks cold.

Photo:  Elizabeth West


Okay, clearly it’s time for me to sign off.  Back tomorrow.  If I live.

(Is this the weirdest NaNoWriMo I’ve done, or what?)

NaNoWriMo Day 6: STUCK!

Word count as of 8:51 pm CST:  144



I’d have a drink to loosen things up a bit (hey,maybe all those alcoholic writer tropes are there for a reason!), but I have to skate in the morning.  So I’ll sit here and babble in Word for a bit and hope I can pull something useful out of it.

My sister texted me and we started texting emojis back and forth and I found a hamster one and it reminded me of this.

Oh dear God

Oh dear God.

Help me.  :)

NaNoWriMo Day 5: Easing Back In

Word count: 431

I’m slowly recovering from the infamous Back of Doom, and I managed to have a few moments of zen tonight, enough to crank out a small blog post worth of words.  Yay!

My main focus has been on finishing scenes I left undone.  In some cases, I quit working on them because I lacked information on the subject matter (particularly the film industry stuff), but that means nothing.  You don’t have to know everything to write a draft, and this is a trap I should warn you about.  Don’t get sucked down the research rabbit hole, Alice!

I seem to have been falling for hours; pity I didn’t bring my laptop.

I seem to have been falling for hours; pity I didn’t bring my laptop.

Image:  David Hall /

For your viewing pleasure this evening, I present this smoking hot male model showing off 100 years of manly beauty in just a minute and a half.  Which decade do you like best?  Sound off in the comments!

NaNoWriMo Day 4: The Back of Doom Part 2

Word count:  0

Never fear little campers, I haven’t given up on NaNoWriMo.  The Back of Doom has worn me out.  It’s tough to sit in an office chair all day and work when you’re in constant pain.  I came home fully intending to rip through another chapter, and as soon as I hit the heating pad,



All my energy evaporated in a cloud of fatigue.  But I can tell it’s loosening up, so soon I will be back on form.  This weekend, I plan to catch up a bit.  I’ve been re-reading Protagonist 1’s scenes to get me back into her mindset.  We’ve got some work to do, she and I.

For your viewing pleasure this evening, I present a cool episode of SciShow.  Ever wondered how a bat hangs upside down without falling?  Now you know.

NaNoWriMo Day 3: A Scene Completed

Word count:  971

And I’ve finished a scene that I left hanging when I stopped writing before.

Three cheers and a tiger for me; I've won!

Three cheers and a tiger for me; I’ve won!


It has a plant in it for a future event.  I’m thinking I may not have been as subtle as I liked, but given this character’s anxiety, perhaps a bit of foreshadowing will work here.  Why should he be the only one who worries?

It’s getting late; I had to work through lunch and didn’t get to sneak a few words in today, so I shall sign off with this video of elephants at the Oregon Zoo playing with their food.   Enjoy!

NaNoWriMo Day 2: The Back of Doom

Word count:  123 

Today I went to work nursing a very sore back.  I hurt it back in the late 1990s and it decides periodically to be a total jerk.  Like now.

Quite some time ago, over on my other blog, I published a post about safety in the office, and it contained two videos about lifting.

During a crisis, I tried to pick up a loaded laundry basket in a hurry and paid the ultimate price.  I was the Peter Griffin video, not the UK safe-lifting video.

The injury likes to twist me in a knot, and yes, I have been lax about doing Pilates, which helps (SHUT UP I WILL DO IT I PROMISE).  The extreme pain kept me from concentrating on anything.  Today was the longest Monday ever.  Fortunately, I had some of those air-activated heat packs in my drawer.  Ahhhh.

I could have just done this instead.

I could have just done this instead.


Now I’m at home, fortunately reclining on the heating pad.  Tonight is devoted to ibuprofen and a bit of research.  If I manage to squeeze out a few more words before bedtime, I’ll post them on Twitter.  You are following me, right?

Until tomorrow!

NaNoWriMo 2015 Day 1: Aaaaaand we’re off!

Greetings, readers and writers!  It’s the first day of NaNoWriMo 2015 and we’re about to begin penning our masterpieces!

Of course, some of us rebels have already started.  As I said before, I’m using this years NaNo to finish Secret Book.  I already have 79,891 words, many of which will be discarded in editing and rewrites, I’m sure.

I did officially sign up, because a friend from my Doctor Who fan group is moderating our regional NaNo group, and he encouraged me to do so for group points.  Fine by me–I’m happy to contribute, in my own small way.

Besides, the Doctor would want me to.

Today, we have a write-in at the library.  I’ll go to that for a little while, though I’m not sure how well I can write in a room full of people.  Might be fun, and it will get me out of the house for a bit.  Plus, I can clear up the word count issue–do I start with my count, or do it from scratch? It won’t take 50,000 words to finish this book.

At least I hope not--the editing will be hell. 

At least I hope not–the editing will be hell.

Image: David Castillo Dominic/

Whether you’re doing NaNoWriMo, or you’re just getting your autumn cleaning done, today will be a busy one.  Here is an appropriate piece of music to get you started.  Everybody ready–set–GO!



UPDATE:  Word count today:  1,722.  Woo hoo!